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One of the best pieces of advice I received as a young Culinarian was “evolve or die.”  We are constantly searching out new products, techniques, and devices that will help us provide the best experience possible to Flying Horse members and guests. We are pleased to share that our State and Local Health Departments have officially approved our HACCP plan!  What is HACCP?  It is the acronym for Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points; what this means is that we are sanctioned to do things like vacuum-sealing our hand cut steaks and using more gentle cooking methods such as Sous Vide (which is a method of cooking vacuum-sealed items in a hot water bath).   Our culinary team went through months of research and paperwork before presenting this HACCP plan to the El Paso County Health Department.

The HACCP certification is an integral part of The Steakhouse’s ongoing commitment to using the best available products, from the most reliable vendors, treated in the safest possible ways from the moment the foods are shipped to us until it hits your plate!  My favorite thing about this is, while doing all of this research I did not find any restaurants in Colorado Springs with an approved HACCP.  We are proud to be the first in Colorado Springs and hope others will follow. Chalk another one up for The Club at Flying Horse! Congratulations and well done, team!

Joe Rodriguez, Club Head Chef
The Club at Flying Horse